Business Websites

Get a beautiful, professional and functional website installed on your host.

Created for you by our graphic designer in color palettes like Innovate, Bijou, Ideate and more. 

Add a little or customize it a lot, your options are virtually unlimited.

Get Your Business online and running with easy-to-use Starter-Sites®.

Only $97

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Why Starter-Sites®?

Paying to have someone build a website alone will typically cost between $3,000 – $5,000 if you’re doing something relatively simple. This prohibitive cost has stopped many entrepreneurs from moving fully into the online world of business. This is priced to be affordable while you make money.

Now, it’s okay if you don’t have thousands of dollars and the time to hire a tech team to design and build a beautiful website just for you. You don’t have the time to do it yourself – you didn’t go into business to become a coder, you are a business person running a business.

The total value of each Starter-Site® is over $5,000:

  • Pages: Minimum $1000 each
  • Custom design site: $500
  • FB Group: $2000
  • E-Commerce setup: $200-$300

Starter-Sites® elevate your income potential.

You only have so many hours in a day. The internet expands your reach of potential customers across the world. As a Health Coach, you have the ability to help a lot of people get happy and healthy.

Our team is committed 100% to your success.


A Beautiful Shopfront

Don’t fret over ecommerce–it’s already done for you. Our beautiful shopfront is easy to customize to your needs and sure to increase your conversion rates.

Click here for a live preview.

Check the Examples tab for live previews of our other available templates.

Templates for All Your Needs

Don’t waste your time building your site’s pages.

All Starter-Sites® come with ready-to-use pages including Home, About Me, My Mission, Blog, and Contact.

Your site also includes all the pages you need to grow your business and start making money including Shop, Sales page templates, Landing page templates, Webinar hosting page, Resources, and Free Gifts page.

Just copy-and-paste your own content in, and you’re all set!

Easy Customization

No coding experience? No Problem!

It’s easier than ever to organize your content in the Divi Builder. Just drag and drop!

No stressing over how to create the pages and content that you need to grow your business. You’re on your way to a beautiful site that represents your brand to the world.

Plugins Included

  • Ecommerce
  • Forms
  • Email Optin
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Automated Backups

What You'll Receive

A Stunning Website

  • WordPress Website
  • DIVI Theme
  • Choice of designs/colors
  • Unlimited # of pages
  • Home Page
  • About Me Page
  • My Mission Page
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Page
  • Shop Page
  • Gifts Page
  • Resources Page
  • Landing Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Webinar Page
  • Terms & Privacy Page
  • Sales Page Templates
  • Opt-in forms
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • SEO & Google Analytics
  • Facebook Group with technical help.

Want more? You have lots of options:

  • Membership Site (optional)


Don’t want to spend time adding your own branding?
We have a Graphic Designer for-hire on site, who can integrate your branding with all of the above. Check out our Starter-Site® Packages here.

How It Works

After you receive your Starter-Site® all you need to do:

  • Connect your social media, merchant account (Stripe, PayPal, etc), auto-responder to your website with easy instructions provided to you.
  • Add any additional text and graphics with the step-by-step instruction provided right on the page.

It’s that easy!


Live Previews


Example Pages


“Thank you, Cathy, for your vision and tireless work in creating this valuable resource. So comforting to know that I can get answers and support so that I can focus my energy on my business.”

“I have thanked you before, I will thank you again! Thank you for making me confident enough to jump off the cliff and get going!”

“My website has changed my life!
I’m now starting to make money. I make at least 4x, if not more money, getting my name out there, people are finding me!

I can coach people who live in other states. It’s so easy. Able finally to sell my work through my website!

I’m putting so much less effort into it and I’m giving so much more value to my clients and to myself, and I’m making so much more money. It’s amazing!”


Can I use my own brand’s colors?
Yes! Your Starter-Site® is fully customizable with easy step-by-step instruction on each page. If you’d like to work with a designer to help you customize your website, please check out our Branding Package here.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this product. Make sure you are making the right decision for you and/or your company before purchasing. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.