Graphic Design – Branding Package – Basic


Tired of struggling with technology? No idea how to design a website?
We’re here to help! Collaborate with a qualified designer to customize your Starter-Site® website today.  Use your colors to pull together pictures that align with your existing brand to enhance your marketing strategy.


Why the Branding Package?

Don’t waste your time struggling with your website.

Your Starter-Site® is meant to make your life easier—not more frustrating. With our branding packages, you can stop wasting time and start focusing on your business—and turn your site into a money making machine.

Choose from our 3 levels of branding depending on your needs in the Branding Options tab.

Branding Options

Site Fill – $597

  • Logo placement
  • Social media links
  • You send us your copy for each included Starter-Site® page and we’ll help you add it to your site

Basic – $997

  • All of the above
  • PLUS
    • You send us your photos (if you have themif not, we’ll help you choose a cohesive collection) and brand colors and we’ll help you make your site look beautiful and seamless
    • Customization with your brand colors and fonts
    • Menu setup
    • Widget setup
    • Image selection

Deluxe – $1897

  • All of the above
  • PLUS
    • If you don’t have a logo or established branding, we’ll collaborate to develop your brand’s identity
    • Fully custom logo
    • Custom color palette
    • Page customization
    • Website structuring

Please note: These branding packages do not include copywriting or additional technical work (i.e. loading programs into autoresponders, adding/customizing shop products, etc).

How It Works

You’ll be collaborating with our qualified designer to transform your website into a money-making machine that is unique to you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Gather your branding materials

Get all your branding materials and website content together! You’ll need this for the next step.

2. Fill out the branding form

We’ll provide you a form to fill out that will give us everything we need to start customizing your site.

3. Wait for the magic to happen!

Your designer will be in contact shortly with you to ensure you’re satisfied with your site. Happiness guaranteed!

Your Designer

Hello! I’m Shianne, a graphic designer based in Denver. I graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 2014 with a degree in graphic design and have since left the corporate design world to help small business owners bring their visions to life.

I love the process of collaborating with passionate individuals and watching their businesses flourish. As a designer, I’m a firm believer that beautiful conscientious design has the power to elevate your companyand you deserve a website as unique as your business!

Hope to work with you soon!


“What can I say about Shianne? She’s the best maybe? Over a period of about 6 months Shianne and I totally redesigned my website. Shianne knew how to take my inspiration and vision of my website to a level of professionalism I could not have done myself. We worked in incredible synchronicity together by showing her other websites I liked and using similar design qualities in mine. Shianne has an ability to listen and help you create a website that is unique to the individual client. There is no cookie cutter feeling…like yours is the same as someone else’s. Totally amazing and awesome! I highly recommend using Shianne for your design work, and can’t imagine being disappointed by her talent!”

-Alexis B.

“I finally decided to give in and hire help with my website. After attempting to do everything myself, I realized that I was struggling. I had so many ideas and desires. I didn’t want to spend my time with the tech aspect of all that. My passion is health coaching and that’s what I wanted to spend my time on because that’s what I’m good at, not the tech stuff…I needed someone who understood my needs, even more than I might have been able to describe. Shianne was my designer and I LOVED her! She totally read me correctly. She designed a beautiful logo for me that completely fit my brand. Our websites are expressions of ourselves. It’s so worth it to hire a designer who “gets” you, to help you look good, so you can get on with your business.”

-Pam B.

“Shianne is simply the best graphic designer I have ever had the privilege to work with! She seemed to understand my style and what I wanted to get accomplished on my site right away! This saved so much time and money for me and allowed me to get my business up and running much quicker than I had anticipated! Love, love, love Shianne! ❤️”

-Marlene P.


Does this package include developing my business’s branding (i.e. logo, color palette, etc)?
No, it does not. This package is for you if you already have an established visual identity and color palette ready. If you require a logo, please check out our $57 Smart Logos. If you require additional branding development or copywriting, please purchase a block of VA time here.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this product. Make sure you are making the right decision for you and/or your company before purchasing. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.